The thread is represented in most forms of life of the known universe since even the Milky Way is built before our eyes as a thread.

And what about the thread that almost always leads us to the chosen place or to the place where we should have never been to?

The thread is also present in the work of art and throughout the story of representations and abstractions. The thread represented symbolic images even for the most ancient peoples and we have now become their heirs and so we are responsible for them.

Beatriz de la Rúa chooses this meandering direction, and from a subtle and complex web of threads, lines and spots she shows us almost every possible recognizable and even non-existing world. These worlds are the result of an artistic hand that leads us to places we would like to visit once: trees, stones, mountains, rivers, and faces and a long list of presences or absences that want to escape the maze.

Approaching Beatriz work is like stepping into Alice’s mirror knowing that we will find all or nothing on the other side. Just let yourself be guided by the artist on her journey to a humble toread.