Drawing is present in all life traces and becomes evident in everything from the movements of insects on the ground to the tail left by a shooting star in the sky.

That is how premonitory drawings show our destiny based on the lines on the palm of our hand. Traces that cross one another in every direction, like the ephemeral marks of sand in the desert. When looking at a drawing by B.S. one has the sensation of being in front of hundreds of those traces that reveal constructions reaching remote places and desperately longing for communication. With a hermetic but, at the same time, intensely poetic message, she proposes the translation of the most complex and mysterious texts. As Japanese sumi e masters say, it all comes down to drawing with maximum simplicity and perfection in only one brush stroke. A monochrome world based on black color.

There is where abstractions, stains, bars, nets, explosions and signs that make up a universe are formed. And this, in the words of Henri Michaux, “is the result of the movement that comes from my own movement”.

It is inevitable to review the history of art to find the esthetic coincidences that Zen artists, the German artist Wols and Henri Michaux himself all reflect in their works, and which they, together with Eduardo Stupia, have come to call “the text in tension”.

Beatriz’s drawings give the impression of being never-ending, they may be looked at and all might looked at as many times as this were possible, and each time a new message would be discovered. This tension leads to enjoyment in the most absolute silence. And in that virtual space, the creative void will bring together the action of the artist and that of the beholder.