How many letters dwell in an ink stroke?

Water that flows laden with black letters, which are unreadable yet capable of feeling the image poetics; a unique calligraphy of an artist who writes in her own language.

The subtle imprint pours an endless array of ideas lived in an instant.
Beatriz is a solo of inks that stand out like an orchestra, an exquisite banquet, perfume that arouses all the senses, skin paper that absorbs the motion of the brush-stroke.

The stare awakens a piercing blackness which becomes graphology or watermark depending on the note of the intuitive score.
A brush at times, and at others an imperceptible quill unleash on paper the many emotions stemming from the deepest end that overflow to tell the tale of a unique story.

The words are there, yet they are not written with letters.
Each work unfolds an idea deeply linked with the being.

Connected with nature’s vital impulse, Beatriz becomes one with it and vibrates high up when she bonds with the materials that bring sap-like life to her drawings and paintings.

Images that are metaphors of the words it delves into.

When you get into one of these works, you feel you can unveil life’s secrets.

Everything is there… you simply have to discover it.
There are no letters; there are gestures and imprints like traces of a timeless space without any rules.

Full freedom, its own language, words suggested by the onlooker, owner of the gaze that will add its lyrics and music to this symphony of art and life.