Like a net, it covers the whole universe.
And though its meshes are very wide, nothing slips through.
Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu

Throughout her artistic work, Beatriz de la Rúa places the ink stain as a protagonist. It is the genesis from where everything flows. The magical encounter of the ink with the fabric and paper makes the shapes move forward and they often transmute into artist books and objects. Each stroke symbolizes deep concepts that were researched and written by the artist in thousands of notebooks that she stockpiles on her desk. The work precedes the instant, forebodes that which is imagined, reaching like a beam of light to give meaning to everything. Each expression is a text in unrest; it is an endless and unique source of communication by means of art.

Standing in front of a work by Beatriz, we feel that she has held nothing back; everything is there, from the deepest part of her being, straight to the support that awaits the imprint and beyond, leading the onlooker to conclude the meaning of the work. Only beauty and joy shape what is felt and guide the hand to make the matter reach the fabric or paper. Empty spaces and vital gestures pile up, thus creating unique and individual constellations. Abstractions, ink threads, signs, trails.

The mountains are made to move aside, leaving room to thousands of faces; among them the birds appear, and so do the trees that grow chained to the ground and rise to the sky reaching far beyond the limits that nobody can set to creativity. The stones become books, the papers transmute into gold, the engravings become paintings and the inks, mixtures: Beatriz is an artist and an art alchemist.

The drawing is forceful and the detail, obsessive, living together in harmony fused by colour and tone. It can go from a nightmare to paradise, from what is concealed and unknown to what is sharp and strong, from inner silence to an outright visual display, from start to finish in an instant. We can be sure of something: Beatriz’s vital commitment to her work imposes on it a cyclical rhythm, just as nature does. Gestation precedes creation, and so forth. When Beatriz is silent, inspiration sets in and thus the idea is born in close connection to La Mancha (The Stain).

The poetic intensity spills and becomes a stain; the ritual of the ink-laden paintbrush pierces through all the layers and comes up again, leaping into the void fully aware that the sheet is waiting to welcome it.

And, once again, everything starts all over. Like the seasons of the year, the tides, the moon phases… Beatriz, in line with nature, picks up her brushes again and shows us that art is life that always imposes itself.